Five False Starts

So this is just a quick blog entry to talk about our task for the second week of seminars. As implied by the title of this post, the task required that we write five false starts (opening paragraphs) to a story of our creation. At first I struggled with this as I could not come up with a story idea, let alone write five introductory paragraphs to it.

I was sitting in my neuropsychology lecture, finding it difficult to focus on what the lecturer was saying (this doesn’t always happen – but it was a bad day), when suddenly an idea for a story popped into my head. I decided to write five paragraphs about a crime, mystery story revolving around a bank robbery in Cape Town, each paragraph written from a different character’s point of view.

I really had fun with this task, putting myself in the mind of five completely different people. Not all of my paragraphs are of great quality, but that’s okay since the point of the task was to show us that story writing takes refinement. I have to say that my favourite beginning to the story, is the paragraph written from the perspective of the second robber (Robert Anderson). I really like his character as he is an anxious man who has been manipulated into driving the getaway van, and I think writing from his perspective adds a comedic tone to the story.


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