The Little Mug

Recently, I have been working on my first short story for the seminar. I spent most of my high school career writing stories and essays on sad and serious topics and so I decided to try a more light hearted approach to some of the tasks for this course. I’m not so sure how I feel about my story at the moment. I really like the idea behind the plot but I feel like it could be improved upon greatly.

I’ve been interested in Roald Dahl’s adult short stories lately, particularly his more unusual stories, and so I decided to write mine from the perspective of a mug. My second inspiration for the story is the cat (Troy) that my cousin and I recently adopted from DARG. Using these two inspirations, my story follows the life of a little mug from Checkers. All he wants is to be adopted by a family that he can call his own. One day, a lady comes into the store and purchases the mug. And so his new life begins. I think it is important that I state that although the story is sad at times due to the mug being forgotten, this is obviously not how Troy’s life with us is going to be. I know the story sounds strange, but this is a creative writing course after all and writing from the perspective of a mug has been fun for me.


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