Our most recent task was to eavesdrop on conversations over the period of a week and write down bits and pieces of what we hear. We then had to put these sentences together to form a conversation, making as much sense as possible. This task was one of my favourites. It was extremely interesting to listen to other people’s conversations – a lot of the things I heard were very strange and very amusing.

This week we were also required to read Lagos: A Pilgrimage in Notations (Abani, 2010) and the first chapter of Open City (Cole, 2011). I decided to write down some of my favourite quotes from them and possibly utilise some of these techniques in my future writing. Here are two quotes from each:

From Lagos: A Pilgrimage in Notations (Abani, 2010):

“A cold Coca-Cola here tastes likes everything the ads on TV promise – I shit you not.”

“The Lagos Marina looks like the New York skyline. Don’t take my word for it. Check Google images.”

From Open City (Cole, 2011):

“Too tired to release myself from wakefulness.”

“I adore imaginary monsters, but I am terrified of real ones.”


Abani, C. (2010). Lagos: A pilgrimage in notations. In Edjabe, N., & Pietersepp, E (Eds.), African cities reader I: Pan-African practices (pp. 1-8). Cape Town: African Centre for Cities & Chimurenga.

Cole, T. (2011). Open city. New York: Random House.


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