Surf’s Up

I have just completed my latest task – writing up a glossary of slang and jargon of a particular group of people, profession or sport. Since my boyfriend is a surfer I decided to write down words from their language. Being a grom myself, I found this task to be heavy, causing me to bail. However, after much help from the boyfriend the task became more glassy, and if I do say so myself, I ended up ripping it.

The final short story we were asked to read is NoViolet Bulawayo’s His Middle Name Was Not Jesus (2016). My feelings about this story are a bit conflicted in that I’m unsure if I dislike the main character (Mukuka) or if I sympathise with him. However, I really liked how the author ended off multiple paragraphs with ‘Mnccc’ after Mukuka had been thinking about negative things like Julia’s husband, or when something went wrong. I think this repetition is a comical way to express Mukuka’s anger and frustration.


Bulawayo, N. (2016). His middle name was not Jesus. London: Granta Publications.


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